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Von Schaaf Haus DuPree Dobermans & Danes: Breeder of Great Dane & European Doberman


Where Majesty Meets Devotion
Nestled at the heart of passion and precision, our mission is to produce the majestic Great Dane and the noble European Doberman, each embodying a unique blend of beauty, loyalty, and intelligence.

Our Great Dane litter from Spring 2023!

The Majestic Great Dane
Our journey begins with the Great Dane, a breed renowned for its unparalleled grace and magnificence. Our Great Dane puppies are not only velvety-soft, they are a symphony of sweetness and playfulness, wrapped in a cloak of loyalty that knows no bounds! Here at Von Schaaf Haus DuPree, our dogs are family. With a deep-rooted commitment to preserving the breed's excellence, our Great Danes are the epitome of regality, gracing every home with their presence.

Our first-ever European Doberman litter!

The European Doberman
Our dedication doesn't stop there. We also specialize in the European Doberman, a breed known for its extraordinary companionship. Our European Dobermans are our steadfast partners, embodying unmatched devotion, unwavering loyalty, and profound intelligence. Our Euro Doberman offspring are nurtured with love, care, and expertise, making them the ideal addition to any family. The intelligence they bring into your home is truly exceptional. It is an unbelievable feeling once one of our Doberman puppies bonds with you and gives you their heart!

Our Exceptional Program
Our breeding program is a work of passion and precision, where every step is meticulously planned and executed. In the eyes of our precious puppies, you get to witness an unspoken language, a silent understanding that transcends words. Trust and loyalty weave the tapestry of our canine connection, an unbreakable thread that has been carefully nurtured over countless hours of shared experiences. Our dogs are not just pets; they are a part of our family, and their well-being is our top priority. We take pride in the fact that our breeding program has created an environment where the polished veneer of professionalism, dedication, and mastery converge to produce puppies that surpass all expectations.

Great Dane, Esmèralda, with a puppy paw tap at water's edge.

Pain and Heartbreak
The seeds of our endeavor were sown amidst a period of profound pain and heartbreak, unbeknownst to us that this great loss would transform into a journey of raw emotion & self-discovery, culminating in deep personal fulfillment. In the face of adversity, we found solace and purpose in our beloved canines, nurturing them with a tender hand and a compassionate heart. ​Watching over our delicate newborn puppies is a privilege that fills us with profound joy. We take pride in curating temperament, carefully shaping our offspring into the remarkable family pets that have become our hallmark. Each little love that enters our care blossoms under our guidance, becoming a source of boundless happiness for the families they join. As we continue our journey, we remain grateful for the chance to fulfill a deep-seated need within, to care for others.
Program Legacy
Our commitment to excellence goes beyond just the breeding process. It extends to the intricate care, training, and nurturing of our revered breeds, beginning in infancy. You'll see as you work with us that our dedication to the betterment of these breeds is unwavering. We constantly strive for the highest standards and are committed to providing our elite clients with the very best.

Great Dane puppy wagon!

Our Passion
Every step of rearing our breeds exudes the essence of devotion and mastery. Within our canine sanctuary, the air crackles with an electric blend of anticipation and excitement as you witness the bond between human and dog transcend the ordinary! Passion for excellence flows through every interaction, and the unmistakable symphony of barks and laughter resonates, echoing the collective heartbeat of our humble abode. In the realm of Von Schaaf Haus DuPree Dobermans & Danes, the pursuit of perfection is an art form. Each Doberman or Dane puppy is bred and raised with love, their lineage carefully crafted to embody the pinnacle of their respective breeds.

Investing Wisely
The deepest investment for our canine family lies heavily in properly supported nutrition of what dogs truly need, scientific health test screening, DNA & orthopedic testing. These principles are at the heart of our commitment to bettering our incredible breeds. With every generation, the flames of our dedication burn brighter, illuminating the path to greatness and forging our program legacy.
As you embark on your journey with Von Schaaf Haus DuPree Dobermans & Danes, you can rest assured that you are not just getting a puppy; you are welcoming an exceptional new family member. In our breeding program, each puppy born carries the weight of generations past, a living embodiment of the passion and determination that has made our program the success it is today. We look forward to sharing the joy of our Great Danes and European Dobermans with you for a lifetime.
Thank you for choosing us as your trusted source for our exceptional breeds. We can't wait to be a part of your family's journey with our majestic and loyal companions.
Welcome to Von Schaaf Haus DuPree Dobermans & Danes, where majesty meets devotion.

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