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We have only 2 puppies remaining from our Spring 2024 litter, born on April 10, 2024!

London & Harlow

These two sweet souls are now ready to join their tribes in their forever homes!

Scroll down to the individual puppy profiles top check out our special ladies and then go beyond the cuteness for all of the perky pup info.


Our Danes are a blend of American & European bloodlines.

We currently produce Merles, Classic Black & Sunbleached Black.

We will be producing Brindle in the very near future!

Danes: About Us
Danes: Pro Gallery
Danes: Pro Gallery

Summer & Mimi, sleek like panthers!
These girls are from a previous litter.

Danes: Video


A Different Kind of Dog Breeder

Von Schaaf Haus DuPree Dobermans & Danes has been breeding the majestic Great Dane breed with a focus on making the transition from our loving home to yours as easy as possible for you, our buyer. We strive to breed the best animals we can, educating new owners to ensure these precious creatures get the love, care and attention they deserve. Contact us to find out more about our methods and philosophy.

Each Great Dane puppy has been microchipped and de-wormed at regular intervals. Our precious pups are always current on their vaccinations & boosters. Raised in our home with our children, playing non-stop with their siblings and cuddled with so much love every single day. Our babies have only ever known a kind hand, full belly, warmth & love. These awesome puppies are already crate trained! Puppies are on a regular feed/potty schedule. These sweet loves do not like to make messes in the house or their crate so as long as you, as their new owner, honor their needs to go out very frequently while they are still in the puppy stage, they will honor your home by doing their business outdoors. They are currently learning basic commands and how to walk on a leash properly. As you can imagine with training already having begun, it will be so much less stress adding one of our lovely puppies into your family life!

Our sweet puppies have their nails trimmed regularly, go on car rides, walks in the forest & about town and are constantly being enriched with new sounds and experiences. They have been fed a diet specific for large breed puppies and the heart health of the Great Dane breed in mind since being weaned. They have also been DNA tested. Not many breeders opt to do individual puppy DNA testing with some choosing to only test the parents however, we want you to fully know your new puppy's genetic framework, should those genes express throughout your puppy's life or not. This is especially helpful in starting their new journey with you and valuable information to share with your new puppy's DVM.

Our Dam weighs 140lbs; Sire is 145lbs. Dam measures 30.5" at the withers while our Sire measures 31.5" respectively. Our puppies' maternal bloodline is from Poland, Hungary & Germany; their paternal bloodlines hail from Germany, Hungary & Croatia. 

Dam & Sire DNA tested with Embark. Dam + Sire extensively health tested with OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) - OFA Thyroid, OFA Elbows & Hips, OFA Dentition. Price is for pet-only homes. Sire & Dam are AKC Registered. Our gorgeous puppies are ready to go home today! They will come with their AKC papers for you to register and obtain their Pedigree. Our pups will come with an extensive puppy packet with very detailed information and a "going home" bag of goodies. Deposit is non-refundable. Puppy agreement contract. Delivery options available across the USA & Canada. Serious inquiries only. 

Danes: About Us
Danes: Pro Gallery


Get ready to fall head over paws in love! Brace yourselves for an irresistible canine extravaganza as we proudly announce the impending arrival of our highly anticipated, tail-wagging event: a brand-new batch of gloriously adorable Great Dane puppies, fresh out of Mama's oven and ready to melt your hearts Fall 2024!

Picture it - a mellow spring breeze, vibrant buds sprouting, and an enchanting chorus of playful barks echoing through the trees. It's a season of renewal and delight, made even more magical by the arrival of these captivating, larger-than-life puppies that will steal your breath away with their sheer cuteness and boundless charm.

Prepare to be captivated by their velvety Dane fur, soulful puppy eyes that seem to hold the secrets of the universe, and those gentle, clumsy paws that will soon grow to become the epitome of grace and elegance. Each puppy is a testament to the wonders of nature, blending strength and gentleness in a way that only the Great Dane breed can.

As we meticulously craft the perfect environment to nurture these precious little giants, we invite you to join us on this extraordinary journey of discovery. From the moment they take their first wobbly steps to the playful mischief that will undoubtedly follow, these puppies will weave their way into the very fabric of your heart, leaving an indelible mark that will last a lifetime.

Spring 2024 will be a season of anticipation, excitement, and a symphony of happy tails wagging in unison. Whether you're an experienced dog lover or about to embark on this incredible journey for the first time, we guarantee that this enchanting chapter in our puppy tale will leave you breathless, brimming with joy, and counting down the days until you can hold these marvelous creatures in your arms.

Stay tuned as we unveil more details about this extraordinary event, including how you can reserve your own fluffy bundle of joy. Don't miss your chance to experience the pure magic of our freshly baked Great Dane puppies, because these little wonders are sure to be in high demand. Mark your calendars and get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure filled with boundless love and puppy kisses. Fall 2024 will never be the same again!

Danes: Welcome


We accept payments right on our Dobermans & Danes website. Click the SHOP link right here.

Payments can also be taken through our partner, Good Dog, below.

Danes: Welcome
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