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A Reputable Dog Breeder




Welcome to Von Schaaf Haus DuPree Dobermans & Danes, a haven for canines where our passion for two exceptional breeds has blossomed into a thriving & meticulously managed hobby breeding endeavor. With utmost dedication, we produce a limited number of purebred puppies each year, ensuring the highest standards.

At our tranquil abode nestled in Columbus, Ohio, we share our lives with these magnificent animals whom we adore, seamlessly integrating them into the fabric of family life. This unique environment imbues our puppies with not just impeccable breeding but also a friendly and adaptable temperament, making them extraordinary companions for your loved ones.

As your trusted destination for acquiring your dream Great Dane or European Doberman Pinscher, we uphold a stringent application and screening process to unite families with their cherished furry companions. With great care and consideration, we assist individuals in finding the perfect addition to their families, matching their preferences and needs with the personalities of our cherished pups.

Our reputation as a kind and compassionate Breeder is well-deserved, as we go above and beyond to provide extensive and detailed information even before your new puppy sets foot in your home. Take a look at our "Testimonials"  page for authentic feedback from our clients. With us, your journey starts well before you meet your furry bundle of joy and truly lasts a lifetime.

Explore our website & social media involvement to delve deeper into our passion, values, and the exceptional canines we raise. Discover why Von Schaaf Haus DuPree Dobermans & Danes stands as a paragon of trustworthiness, professionalism, and a gateway to finding your ideal canine companion.

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An Honest Dog Breeder

Von Schaaf Haus DuPreeDobermans & Danes

is a well-known Dog Breeder in Columbus, OH. We have been involved with carefully selective breeding practices, when what started out as an love for two breeds turned into a fulfilling and life-changing enterprise. Our main priority is ensuring the health and well-being of all our canines from birth until they leave with their forever family, keeping in touch with all of our extended family forever.

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