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Two Bowls of Pet Food


Heart Health

At Von Schaaf Haus DuPree, we are passionate about the heart health of our Dobermans & Great Danes. As breeders, we know that most of our puppies will end up in a home where kibble is fed and so, we prepare them for this. We've researched over 50 brands and their individual varieties of commercial wet & dry dog food. This was no easy task and in all honesty, is still ongoing. Rest assured, our puppy packets are always updated with the latest information on FDA guidelines for canine heart health and dog food recommendations.

Awhile back, the FDA got involved when various breeds of dogs were getting DCM (Dilated Cardiomyopathy) who weren't the breeds classically known for DCM. They discovered that these dogs had something in common - they were being fed trendy "grain free" diets. The common denominator in these commercial kibble foods were potatoes, sweet potatoes, low-fat legumes such as peas and pulses (seeds). The commercial kibble producers needed something else to "fill" their kibble without grain, so these foods were used in abundance. The trouble is that these foods areanti-nutrients for the heart, meaning that they block the nutrients that the heart needs. When you're feeding every meal of kibble to canines, that ,means they are getting these heart anti-nutrients at every single feeding.

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